About Ignatius Healing and Retreat

Eva Høffding is the general manager of Ignatius Healing and Retreat. She conducts courses, retreats and sessions.

At Ignatius Healing and Retreat, you can get personal and spiritual guidance and healing in the areas of your life that are essential to you. It can be mental, emotional and physical problems, and it can help with your spiritual development, your path and your purpose in life.

On Ignatius Healing and Retreat, where healing goes into depth, it opens to the Divine Dimension and thus to the Healing Power of Love – the Heart of Love Healing. The work is done partly through the guidance of St. Ignatius of Loyola – Ignatius – and partly through other helpers from the spiritual world, channeled through Eva Høffding, partly through healing meditations – currents and spiritual operations.

The connection between Eva Høffding and Ignatius stems from a common purpose: To help people open up to and surrender to the Divine Energy of Love, the Healing Power of Love, which is an inherent force in each individual.

Ignatius Healing and Retreat is located just north of Nørre Snede on “Hærvejens Ferie” in a wonderful, scenic area. Sessions, courses and retreats are held here.

As you move into deeper trust, you will find that you are opening up to a deeper love in a more unconditional way.

Channeled by EVA HØFFDING