Ignatius Publishers

The publishing house Ignatius is part of Ignatius Healing and Retreat and publishes books with spiritual content. The publisher has so far published two books. Read about them below.

Three lives in one– memories
by Agnes Østvand
Published August 31, 2022.

Three Lives in One is 91-year-old Agnes Østvand’s debut book. The book contains memories of a long and challenging, but also enterprising life. A life with an emotionally cold marriage. A life as the occupier of the first women’s house in Denmark. A life of struggle for the cause of women and for the conditions of oppressed and battered women. A life as a spiritual seeker that takes her around the world and so far into herself that at the end of life, she can see both meaning and new direction.

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Conversations with an Angel
by Judith Baadsgaard and Lone Maria Skovgaard-Petersen

Released 2017.

Conversations with an Angel depicts the cancer-stricken Lone Maria’s path from illness, doubt and hopelessness to a settled position. In the conversations with Judith Baadsgaard, we get an insight into Lone Maria’s childhood and adult life, and we follow her development towards an uncompromising spirituality, where healing comes second and the connection to the divine comes first.

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Sitting in current is a personal process that touches into very deep and personal layers. At the same time, you are currently part of a larger healing and development process. At the same time, you receive and contribute to the healing. The challenge and key word for many people in this process is trust. Trusting that this invisible spiritual energy is there for us and working with us in the way that is best for each individual at the given time.

/Eva høffding