Eva Høffding

I was born in 1953 and have since 1977 worked with people with a wide range of physical and emotional challenges from an in-depth psychological angle. My way of working is based on a holistic understanding of energy and consciousness as well as the connection between body, mind and soul. Since 1992 I have taught personal development and contemplation, healing, massage and meditation at home and abroad and in private as well as public settings.

Bob Moore, who established the Mental Center in Ringkøbing, has been my primary teacher from 1977 until his death in 2008. Bob Moore’s healing and energy work is characterized by great knowledge about the energy body and the emotional processes that block a healthy circulation between body, heart, mind and spirit.

In 2005 I visited Casa De Dom Ignácio (the Casa) in Brazil and after the 2nd visit to the Casa in 2006 I made direct spiritual contact with St. Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatius introduced me to a clear and unequivocal devotion to the power of love and its transforming ability, and I learned to understand the necessity of being able to open myself in devotion in order to surrender to the power of love.

This entails a profound healing process for me personally and for the people who participate in the activities at Ignatius Healing and Retreat. In collaboration with Ignatius, with my background as a spiritual guide, healer and therapist, I enter into the individual’s personal and spiritual processes on the road to healing.

In addition, I teach Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises, which I received myself at St. Beunos in Wales. These exercises are offered both in some of the regular groups and also in individual courses. Furthermore, I am educated in massage, post-traumatic stress, gestalt therapy and body awareness. Both in hospitals and in the Danish Cancer Society, I have worked with the relief of seriously ill and dying people and with their relatives.

In addition, I have worked with people who were affected by stress and burnout at the health resort Øster Løkke.

I am not affiliated with any particular organization or religion. I am attached to the spiritual field that underlies all religions, which is associated with love.

Allowing uncertainty in your life and using it as a stepping stone and a means to get deeper into your relationship with God is the best and most meaningful thing you can do.

Ignatius of Loyola
Channeled by Eva Høffding