Healing Meditation

Healing meditation – current – is a form of healing that Eva Høffding got to know at Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil. In current, the individual opens up to a healing contact with the spiritual field – spiritual helpers and on the Casa called the entities.

The spiritual field or world consists of enlightened souls—spiritual helpers who are dedicated to helping people heal into areas essential to them. It can be mental, emotional and physical challenges, and it can be helpful for spiritual development, to find the way and purpose in life.

The Casa has so-called current spaces, which are powerhouses for spiritual practices with higher vibrations. The Spiritual Energy or Healing Power of Love that flows in space is supported or carried by media and meditation. The purpose of current and current spaces is to create a framework that forms the best possible prerequisite for the entities and the energy of love to circulate and heal individuals and groups.

At Ignatius Healing and Retreat – IHR – we create together with the spiritual field a current space where there is a basis for the individual’s dialogue with deeper layers in himself and the spiritual field so that the healing power of love enters the body, mind and soul to help. The power of love can change hardness, resistance, anxiety and inferiority into gentleness, openness, joy and presence.

When you are in current, it can help the inner healing and immersion process to formulate what you would like help with. You can also sit in silence without wishes and simply allow the energy to work.

Sitting in current is a personal process that touches into very deep and personal layers. At the same time, you are currently part of a larger healing and development process. At the same time, you receive and contribute to the healing. The challenge and keyword for many people in this process is trust. Trusting that this invisible spiritual energy is there for us, and working with us in the way that is best for each individual at the given time.

God’s love manifests itself through you to the degree that you allow it to do so or you are able to. God’s love does not distinguish between good and evil. God’s love does not judge. God’s love IS simply. God’s love flows forever and generates Himself all the time—forever. God’s love is within you because you are part of God and therefore also part of this ever-flowing love.

Channeled by Eva Høffding