Ignatius’ Saint Day

We celebrate Ignatius’ Saint’s Day on Ignatius Healing and Retreat in order to connect in gratitude to Him and for all the help He and others from the spiritual world give to all who attend retreats and courses.

Everyone is welcome – even if you have not previously visited Ignatius Healing and Retreat. Ignatius’ Saint Day is a good way to get a first acquaintance with the place and the work done here.

We celebrate Ignatius’ Saint’s Day on July 31, where you are very welcome to participate. Participation is free. BUT you need to sign up so we know how many are coming. Write to: mail@ignatiushr.dk or call 30306142.

14.00: Introduction by Eva Høffding

Approximately 2:45 p.m.: Joint meditation

Approx. 15.30 – approx. 17.30: Cozy togetherness, where we offer coffee, tea and cake. If you feel like baking cake or buns for the day, it will be really nice. Please let us know by email to Eva: mail@ignatiushr.dk

We look forward to seeing you!

Committing to a deeper relationship with God, with Christ, or with a Spiritual Source means opening up and building a relationship where nothing is hidden. It is a relationship in which you are not only dependent on yourself. It is a movement that takes you deeper into who you are and what you are in yourself.

Ignatius of Loyola
Channeled by Eva Høffding