Ignatius of Loyola

St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491 – July 31, 1556) was a Spanish nobleman and warrior who, during a prolonged illness after being seriously wounded, began to read about Jesus’ life. The reading and time of contemplation brought him into contact with his life purpose: to serve Christ and the continuation of the work that Jesus had set in motion on earth—to bring God’s love into people.

After a pilgrimage to Montserrat, Spain, where Ignatius visited the Black Madonna, he put down his rich robes and dressed in rough canvas. He then retired and lived in a cave in Manresa, where he began to write down in deep inspiration the Spiritual Exercises, which to this day are the Spiritual Foundation of the Jesuit Order, of which he later founded and became the leader. After his time in contemplation, Ignatius returned to society with the aim of making his powers available to other people. His ideas were not immediately accepted by the church. He was therefore imprisoned and had to explain himself twice to the Inquisition before being acquitted.

After his death, Ignatius has continued his work as a mediator of the Power of Love to help and heal people so that they can unfold their lives optimally. From the Spiritual Love field, Ignatius has a special ability to connect with the physical and works in a dynamic and insistent way with the Heart of Love Healing.

During his lifetime, Ignatius was deeply associated with Christ and the Catholic Church. He continues to help and heal people so that they can unfold their full potential and life purpose. Now when he works with the Power of Healing and Love, it happens in the Stream of Infinite Love that unites everything.

Ignatius’ endeavor is to help us humans find grounding in our relationship with God or the Divine Consciousness – that we can experience a deep relationship with Christ that is both deeply personal and at the same time universal.

/Eva Høffding