Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises

One of the cornerstones of Eva Høffding’s work with people is the Exercites – Ignatius’ Sprituelle Exercises.

These 500-year-old Exercitiers are currently gaining new popularity in spiritual environments all over the world. The exercises were published in 1548 and are a collection of meditations, prayers and mental exercises, which C.G. Jung refers to as Western Yoga.

With the exercises, Ignatius wanted to help people to a deeper, personal and intimate relationship with the Divine. Therefore, they are also useful to us today, where more and more people both inside and outside the Catholic world immerse themselves in the Exercises – partly because Ignatius’ insights are generally completely in line with the way psychology today views the human mind and psyche.

As such, these are not physical exercises, but a precise and rewarding training in breaking free of one’s inner limitations and resistances, so that it becomes possible to enter into a deep life-giving surrender and relationship with the Divine within us. The exercises also provide a contemporary and opening approach to the biblical texts as a way into a deeper consciousness and personal purification.

In order for you to be able to open yourself up to the inner greatness and who you truly are, you must examine all levels of you that are not you, that may be, for example, old hurt, that characterizes your current life situation, and that can hold you to emotions such as anger, anxiety, self-indulgence, resistance, pride, inferiority, superiority, jealousy, and so on.

Channeled by Eva Høffding