Spiritual Operation

A Spiritual Operation is a direct energetic intervention of St. Ignatius of Loyola – called Ignatius – and the Spiritual Field – the Spiritual Helpers.

A Spiritual Operation aims to heal a specific mental, emotional or physical problem. Ignatius and the Spiritual Helpers are always working and operating in the underlying cause of the problem. There are several layers of the human structure, both in the energetic and in the physical. Many people who have undergone surgery, experience it as a gentle but precise movement of energy in the body.

Note: After a Spiritual Operation, you will usually be very tired for a period of time. You should therefore expect to take about 1 week off after surgery.

If you are undergoing medical treatment, continue with this.

The effect of spiritual surgery varies from individual to individual. Many may feel a change or improvement already after the first Spiritual Operation. Few notice little or no effect. It is common with multiple surgeries over time.

Guidelines after a Spiritual Operation
These guidelines are based on an understanding of how to best help your body and your entire energy system after a Spiritual Operation.

The first 24 hours: It is recommended that you stay indoors (isolated) by yourself and at rest for the first 24 hours after a Spiritual Operation. Your energy field is very open, and therefore you are easily influenced by other people and the surroundings.

The first week: You should stay calm. Avoid staying in direct sun. You should not be very physically active. On the whole, it is best that you are as active as possible but prioritize rest and tranquillity. In this way, you support and help the post-operative process.

The next few weeks: After a spiritual operation, you may feel very tired. We recommend that you plan to take time off so that you have the opportunity to rest, especially the first week after surgery until the stitches are taken – see “Stitch removal” below. You should not exert yourself physically for the first three weeks. Also, avoid long stays in direct sun during the first week.

Eye surgery
If you have had eye surgery, you should avoid reading, writing or watching television for a week until the stitches are taken – see “Stitch Removal” below). But you can listen to radio, podcasts and the like.

If you are undergoing medical treatment, continue with this after a spiritual operation.

Food and drinks
You should avoid alcohol, pork, hot pepper, chilli, paprika, curry and the like for up to three weeks after a spiritual operation. But you can eat herbs and garlic.

It is recommended that you avoid sex for up to three weeks after a spiritual operation, as your system needs rest.

Removing Stings
The stitches are taken a week after a spiritual operation. It happens on the night of the day of the week you have had surgery. For example, if you have surgery on a Sunday, the following Saturday night, before going to bed, do the following: Make a glass of blessed water—see below—which you place by your bed. Put on white clothes or go to bed naked. Tell Ignatius that you’re ready to get the stitches taken and go to sleep. Before you get out of bed the next morning, thank Ignatius for taking the stitches. After that, drink the glass of blessed water.

Blessed Water
You can make blessed water by asking Jesus Christ to bless the water while holding your left hand around the glass and your right hand’s fingertips down in the water.

Experience the freedom in your hearts as you let go of all opposition and all judgmental thoughts.

Channeled by Eva Høffding