Prayer for peace

Prayer for Peace

Beloved God We pray from the inside of the Name of Jesus Christ
We pray for Peace
We pray for Your Divine Peace to permeate all of existence.
Let Peace permeate the whole of my existence all of my body
Let all the cells in my body shine with Your Divine Grace Your Peace.

Let it permeate my mind
and my Soul and be present in the depth of my Heart.

From there let it spread into the world
to all those who are going through ultimate suffering.
Be with them in such a way that they can feel comforted and reassured by Your Loving Presence
Let help come to them
in the way they need the most

Let Your Grace and Your Mercy
melt the Hearts in the brothers and sisters
who are caught in the darkness of aggression and violence Let them open to Your Love and Truth.

Let mankind wake up to the deepest reality of Oneness the deepest Truth of Coherence that we are all connected and depending on each other

Let us join in this Sacred Truth
and fulfill the deepest Purpose
as images of God of the One Loving Consciousness and Presence that
is within us and always surrounds us.

This One Loving Consciousness
that is the Breath
within our Breath
Breathing with Peace.

Ignatius of Loyola
Channeled by Eva Høffding, 2022