One-day groups for Healing and Deeper Spirituality

This is an invitation for you who want a deeper unfolding in yourself and in your life with a focus on your relationship to a deeper spirituality and practice. This is also an enriching opportunity for a fixed group to follow each other in a valuable personal and spiritual community.

The spiritual work will take place in a small group, which meets regularly one day 4 or 5 times over a year.

In the group, you will have the opportunity to receive individual guidance, e.g. from channelings through
Eva, healing meditations (currents) as well as teaching and dialogue in the group about various questions and themes.

You sign up for one year at a time.

One-Day Group for Healing and Deeper Spirituality 1 2024:
21. april, 15. juni, 1. september

One-Day Group for Healing and Deeper Spirituality 2 2024
14. januar, 20. april, 16. juni, 31. august.

Price for the groups in 2024
See prices in the Calendar – click here to go to the Calendar

Coffee and tea with sweets during breaks. You bring your own lunch.

Find the address here.

10.00 – approx. 17.30.

Booking/Payment Information
Contact Eva first if you are a new participant and want to sign up. You can either write to: or call mobile: 30306142.

Registration is done on the booking page. Payment must be made immediately after signing up on MobilePay: 875412 or by bank transfer to Ringkøbing Landbobank: reg. no. 7670 account no. 7545994 – remember the name of the bank transfer.

Your registration is only valid once you have paid.

Use prayer and meditation as tools to stay in balance — and God’s grace will move inside you and give you a strength you never imagined.

/Eva høffding