Ignatius Healing and Retreat, IHR, is an independent institution whose profits go to charitable causes. With us, you can seek help with healing in the areas of your life that are essential to you. It can be mental, emotional and physical problems, and it can help with your spiritual development, your path and your purpose in life. Healing means doing whole in order to create balance and alleviate problems in the human body, mind and soul.

On Ignatius Healing and Retreat, where the energy of love is particularly strong, it opens to the Divine Dimension and thus to the healing power of Love – the Heart of Love Healing. The work is partly done through guidance from St. Ignatius of Loyola – Ignatius – and other helpers from the spiritual world channeled through Eva Høffding and partly through healing meditations – currents and spiritual operations.

The connection between Eva Høffding and Ignatius stems from a common purpose: to help people open up to and surrender to the divine energy of love, the healing power of love, which is an inherent force in each individual. Healing occurs when the energy of love works into the human body, mind and soul.

Eva’s contact with Ignatius arose after a stay at Casa de Dom Inacio – Ignatius’ House, colloquially known as the Casa – in Brazil. In collaboration with Ignatius, Eva Høffding, with a long background as a healer and therapist, enters the individual’s personal processes on the road to healing.

Sitting in current is a personal process that touches into very deep and personal layers. At the same time, you are currently part of a larger healing and development process. At the same time, you receive and contribute to the healing. The challenge and key word for many people in this process is trust. Trusting that this invisible spiritual energy is there for us and working with us in the way that is best for each individual at the given time.

/Eva Høffding