Pilgrimage to Montserrat

Take part in a wonderful and immersive pilgrimage at Montserrat.

Montserrat is a mountain about 70 km from Barcelona, which has been a destination for pilgrims since the ninth century. Mystics such as St. Francis of Assisi, Theresa of Avila, St. Ignatius of Loyola and many others have been here kneeling at the Black Madonna.

We live in the immediate vicinity of the Benedictine Monastery, Santa Maria de Montserrat, on Montserrat and the very beautiful Basilica with the Black Madonna.

We attend (it is voluntary) in Laudes in the morning and in Vesper in the evening. At both ceremonies, the monks sing. In the evening, the monks sing together with the amazing boys’ choir Escolania. After Laude’s, we meditate in Our Ladys Chapel, which is a beautiful church room inside the Basilica behind the Black Madonna.

Every day after Laudes we have time at the Black Madonna. Twice a day we gather for group sessions with the possibility of guidance and channeling from Eva Høffding into the individual’s process.

There will be daily opportunities for various pilgrimages on the healing Montserrat mountain with its magnificent nature. You can choose to walk by yourself or with others. In addition, we go on a trip to Manresa to visit the Cave, where Ignatius of Loyola stayed for a year, and where he wrote the Spiritual Exercises (Exercitier) in deep inspiration. A church has been built in connection with the cave.

Montserrat gets my warmest recommendations. Under Eva Høffding’s expert guidance and channelings, we can safely go deep into our processes, both while we are at Montserrat and many months after. Miracles can happen and happen. I have personally experienced having a birth trauma healed.

Marijane Stens Hansen, PARTICIPANT AT PILGRIMAGE AT Montserrat

When paying the full amount before 15/9, the price is DKK 11,100 – then DKK 12,100.

For the stay at Montserrat in March, the price when paying before 1/2-23 is DKK 11,100 – hereafter DKK 12,100.

The price includes a private apartment with a kitchen and bath, bed linen and towels, a bus from and to the airport as well as trip to Manresa, individual channeling and guidance as well as healing in the group. You take care of the flight ticket yourself – we advise on flights – and food. Registration by email to: tove@ignatiushr.dk. You must book your own flight – information will follow.

You should be aware that if an emergency situation (illness or the like) occurs, the course fee will not be refunded. See our payment terms here on the website under ‘Info’. Therefore, it is a good thing that your travel insurance has included cancellation insurance for both travel expenses and course payment. If this is not the case, you can take out separate insurance for this course with your own insurance company or with e.g. European (Denmark), with which we have good experience.

You get your own apartment with a kitchen and bath as well as bedding and towels.

You have to provide the food yourself. There are shopping opportunities on site and we drive you to a good supermarket with a larger selection of food items.

Booking/Payment Terms
When registering before 15/9-2022 the price is DKK. 11,100. DKK 5,000 is paid as a deposit. The balance of DKK 5,300 will be paid before 15/9-2022

When registering after 15/9, the full amount of DKK 12,100 is paid upon registration.

Registration is done on the booking page. Payment must be made immediately after signing up on MobilePay: 875412 or by bank transfer to Ringkøbing Landbobank: reg. no. 7670 account no. 7545994 – remember the name of the bank transfer. Your registration is only valid once you have paid.