Open Healing Days

You can benefit from participating in the Open Healing Days when you:

– want a deeper spiritual approach in your life and to your life purpose
– want to process and heal areas of your mind and soul
– have a physical disorder
– want to develop your healing skills

On the Open Healing Days, we open up to the Healing Power of Love – The Heart of Love Healing. It is part of the human existence of going through suffering. It can get you out of balance and create hardness, resistance, hopelessness, anxiety and inferiority.

Instead, it is important to use suffering as a door into a deeper consciousness by opening oneself to surrender to the all-encompassing unconditional Love of the Divine.

At Ignatius Healing and Retreat, together with the spiritual field, we create a healing space, a space for healing meditation, where there is a basis for the individual’s dialogue with deeper layers within himself and with the help of the spiritual field, so that the Healing Power of Love enters the body, mind and soul.

When you sit in healing meditation, it can help the inner healing immersion process to formulate what you want help with. You can also sit in silence without wishes and simply allow the energy to work. It is a great advantage to prepare from home what help is needed or what questions to ask.

Sitting in healing meditation (current) is a personal process that touches into very deep and personal layers. At the same time, you are currently part of a larger healing and development process. At the same time, you both receive and contribute to the healing. The challenge and key word for many people in this process is trust. Trusting that this invisible spiritual energy is there for us and working with us in the way that is best for each individual at the given time. /Eva Høffding

You can immerse yourself and receive healing and guidance from Ignatius and other helpers from the spiritual world, channeled by Eva Høffding. There will be healing meditation both morning and afternoon as well as the possibility of spiritual surgery if you are recommended this.

Through healing, the Power of Love can be allowed to flow inside you, so you can open your heart to gentleness, joy and presence.

Practical information
We recommend that you come in white or light clothing, as the Spiritual Ministers work most easily through the white/light colour.

You bring your own lunch. We serve coffee and tea during the day.

10.00 – approx. 17.30
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If you want accommodation, you can book a room at Hærvejens Ferie, with whom we share an address. Write to: Price of accommodation: see “Prices” in the menu under “Info”

Once or twice a year there are also Open Healing Days at:

Søtoftevej 76
DK-4100 Ringsted.

Accommodation is booked directly at Payment information is sent with confirmation. Price of accommodation: see “Prices” in the menu under “Info”.

Registration on the booking page and only by payment card.