Channeling is a term for a mediation that takes place from an enlightened Spiritual Presence through a person who acts as a medium. One can understand the channelings as a Higher Energy and Consciousness that tries to express itself in the best possible way through the medium. The channelings on Ignatius Healing and Retreat take place through Eva Høffding, which serves as a medium for Ignatius and other Spiritual Helpers who provide commentary, advice, and guidance to participants in our courses.

At Ignatius Healing and Retreat, there are two kinds of channelings. There are partly the channelings to the individual participant and partly the channelings to the groups. The channelings to the individual participants carry an energy that speaks into the individual’s process in a deeply personal and healing way. The channelings given to the groups also carry a healing energy that helps lift awareness in the group and in the individual participant.

The best thing you can do is give yourself to God and let God work with you. As you allow God to work with you, you will gradually be released from identification with your thoughts and feelings. You will gradually be released from identification with your family background and even from your cultural background. You will become human beings in a deeper sense—a man formed in the image of God. You will become people who live on Earth among other people regardless of color or culture. You will be people who are focused on bringing the highest good to Earth. You will be people who are focused on the kingdom of heaven and on letting it manifest itself on Earth.

Channeled by Eva Høffding