Ignatius and The Way of the Heart

You can participate in Ignatius and The Path of the Heart either in a group or as an individual course.

A new group starts in January 2024. This group is in Danish.

A group has started in February 2022. It is still possible to start in this group. – Contact Eva – eva@ignatiushr.dk – so you can prepare for the start-up of the group. Be aware that the group is in English.

In groups
Ignatius and The Path of the Heart are closed retreat groups where you have the opportunity to enter into a deeper spiritual and mystical process with yourself and with others over a longer period of time. Eva Høffding introduces in an undogmatic and down-to-earth way Sct. Ignatius of Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises, which opens to our own personal relation to the divine.

Ignatius Spiritual Exercises
In the course, the group will receive instruction in Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises, The Exercites, which consists of 30 exercises. The teaching will include presentations from Eva Høffding to the whole group as well as channeling and guidance to the individual. The individual Exercitier will be introduced from day to day. Most of the day will be in silence and contemplation. However, in the morning there will be dialogue in the group about general and personal themes / challenges and experiences in the spiritual process.

With the help of the Exercites, you as a participant will have the opportunity to move from self-development to surrender into the divine field.

You will also receive guidance and commentary from Ignatius channeled through Eva Høffding.

Structure of the groups
The Ignatius and Heart’s Way groups are a retreat spread over several meetings over 4 years. The groups meet twice a year, 4.5 days at a time for 3 years. The 4th year is distributed so that you meet 3 days in the spring and end the entire course with a 10-day retreat in the fall.

If you want to be part of an Ignatius and Heart’s Way group or have questions about the groups, please contact us every weekday on tel. 30 30 61 42 between 10.00 – 10.30 or at mail@ignatiushr.dk

Ignatius and the Path of the Heart as an individual course
Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises can also take place individually and with individual guidance, where you make your own retreat while working with the Exercises. You can do it at home, or you can rent a room with access to a kitchen and bath at Hærvejens Ferie. Eva Høffding has more information about this.

The sessions can take place once a day over Skype or as a daily session with Eva. The transmission of the Spiritual Exercises can thus largely be organized according to your needs.

The Exercites
You will have the opportunity to develop a deeper spiritual relationship through these 500-year-old Exercitier, which are currently gaining new popularity in spiritual environments all over the world. The exercises were published in 1548 and are a collection of meditations, prayers, spiritual exercises and immersion in Bible texts, which C.G. Jung refers to as Western Yoga.

With the exercises, Ignatius wanted to help people to a deeper, personal and deep-rooted contact, as an experienced relationship with Christ and the divine. Therefore, they are also useful to us today, where more and more people inside and outside the Catholic world immerse themselves in the exercises.

These are Spiritual Exercises that help one to break free of one’s inner limitations and resistances, and instead open into a deeper surrender to the divine. The exercises also provide a contemporary and completely personal approach to the biblical texts as a way into a deeper consciousness and personal purification.

A group has started in February 2022. It is still possible to join the group. Contact Eva if you are interested so you can prepare for start-up. The group is in English.

New group starts January 2024. This group is in Danish.

Dates and prices See the calendar

Booking/Payment information
You can sign up by agreement with Eva Høffding.

Registration on the booking page. Payment must be made immediately after signing up via bank transfer to Rinkøbing Landbobank: reg. no. 7670 account no. 7545994 – remember the name of the bank transfer. Payment can be done via MobilePay, but the fee is rather expenive, so we prefer banktransfer.

Your registration is only valid once you have paid.

Prayer is a form of communication with and without words in a deep circulation with God—with the Divine within yourself and beyond yourself.

Ignatius OF Loyola
Channeled by Eva høffding